Monday, January 25, 2010

SKIP - Week 1

SKIP is off to a great start!

Super Kids In Parks kicked off with a session on cross-country skiing led by volunteer Phill Brackenbury along with Tobi Kiesewalter and Alfred von Mirbach. A number of the SKIP kids experienced this activity for the very first time. Phill provided the equipment for the session and after boots and skis were matched to the right-sized feet, our SKIP kids set off to a big open field at the Lally Homestead to take part in some great warm-up activities, which got the new ones used to the feel of having super long feet! They played an alphabet game (you never want to make an X with your skis!), as well as tag and a fox-and-hare game - all without the use of poles. It was amazing how quickly the kids got used to the groove of cross-country skiing.

Next they grabbed their poles and set out on a short trek down the Silver Queen Mine trail, where they saw a number of interesting natural sites. The group returned for some snacks in the drive shed and a chat about the activity. We had an opportunity to talk about deer and their predators as Tobi brought along a deer bone the kids had discovered in the field. Each week the SKIP kids will take home an activity that they can work on with their families and report back the following week. This is all part of the program's goal to connect with nature while encouraging active and healthy living.

We look forward to more fun times next week when SKIP reconvenes for a session on nature photography - with a scavenger hunt!

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  1. To all the volunteers at the SKIP Program!

    Thank you so much for the great day we had on Sunday! As a first time cross country skier my step son had an awesome day! He thoroughly enjoyed all the volunteers that helped out and is really looking forward to all of the activities to come!