Sunday, January 31, 2010

SKIP - Week 2

This week our intrepid SKIP participants learned a little something about nature photography in a session led by volunteers Ian Gray (photographer) and Heather Lunn (naturalist). The kids were supplied with disposable cameras and some tips on such photography techniques as lighting and composition, along with some information on some of the natural elements they would be encountering and some features and creatures to watch for.

The kids were divided into groups of four, each led by an adult volunteer, and they were provided with a list for a photography scavenger hunt. Some of the items the groups had to find included buds on trees, rock formations, habitat examples, animal tracks, animal scat (yes, that's poop!), winter weeds, milkweed, a place where animals might hibernate, an example of human encroachment on habitat, something related to species at risk, and a mystery photo!

Everyone found something different to photograph as they explored the Lally Homestead site and nearby trails. We saw some great examples of habitat, including beaver and muskrat lodges, as well as lots of tracks and scat, and even a sleeping porcupine!

The SKIP volunteers will be getting the film processed and returning the prints to the participants by or before the last session and we look forward to seeing the results - especially those mystery photos!

It was another great session that ended with snacks and discussions and then some free play in the field and on an icy puddle. Good times outside in winter!

Special thanks also to volunteers Jane Irwin and John Strachan for their capable assistance!

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